The Coaching and Mentoring Master Class

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The course is designed to enhance the capacity of organisational leaders, managers and supervisors to get more out of their people; lead by inspiration, and achieve more with little.

The course provides you with practical tools to coach and mentor people for excellent results and consistent top performance, while reinforcing your personal and leadership attributes.



Activate your personal transformation experience, as you build and increase your capacity to influence people more powerfully and lead more effectively.

Increase your understanding of self, people and situations, which enables you to develop processes to unlock potentials and create platforms for continued growth.

Needed resources to facilitate real changes as a coach and mentor, with the knowledge and confidence to motivate people to achieve success goals.

Practical tools to position you as a coach-manager and coach-leader to the people and teams that you lead.



• Corporate Team Leaders

• Senior and Middle Managers

• Human Resources Practitioners

• Talent Managers

• Public Administrators

• Business owners and managers

• Intending coaches and mentors




  • The Principles, Power & Process of Coaching
  • Coaching for Performance, Development Transformation
  • Values & Coaching Individual/Relationship Organisational Societal Values
  • Personal SWOT Analysis The Power of Self awareness
  • Letting Go What Do You Need to Let Go?
  • The Next Level Coaching Empowering Self and Activating Success
  • The Wheel of Life and Practical Exercises
  • Boost Your Strengths Take Yourself to the Next Level
  • Mentor Magic Solving Problems in a Powerful Mind State
  • Dealing With Your Tolerations


  • Management Coaching & Leadership Development
  • Coach Leadership How to Lead High Performance Teams
  • The Manager as Coach Getting More out of People
  • Emotion Intelligence, Self-Mastery and Energy Creation
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning Practice
  • Well Formed Outcomes Guidelines & Practice
  • The 3 Month Personal Vision Plan
  • Action Brainstorming to Unstuck Self
  • Peer Coaching Practice
  • Role Play Practice



Tony Dovale: Expert Coach, Soul Surgeon, Trainer, Speaker and Author.

Tony Dovale, South Africa’s Number One Energy Coach is a much sought-after coach, facilitator and keynote speaker. He has more than 40 years of experience in developing business and leadership transformation technologies. Among his most notable leading-edge transformation tools and processes are Hi-Voltage Leadership, Revolutionary Workplace System, Appreciative Inquiry, Organisational Culture Shift and Personal Mastery Development. The end game of his coaching engagement is success activation, skills development, leadership excellence and improved profits. Tony Dovale, the bestselling author of The Success Shift and LifeShift Formula Won is Co-Founder and Director of International Coaching & Mentoring Institute (ICMI).

Dr. Emmanuel Imevbore: Executive & Business Coach, Consultant and Author.

Dr. Emmanuel Imevbore received his training as a coach through The Quantum Organization (UK), Institute of Neurosemantics Africa (INSAfrica) and Life Masters. He has for the past 18 years assisted business leaders and corporate organisations within and outside South Africa to achieve the twin goals of business sustainability and profitability. His powerful “STEP UP” (Strategy, Thought, Energy and Passion) business transformation model has been successfully adapted to different businesses across the African Continent. He is the author of several business books. The most notable among his books are: Business Intelligence; Ten Major Problems that Cripple Businesses; Going for Gold; Turning Talents to Treasures; Leadership Influence; and Wealth Creation, among others. Dr Emmanuel Imevbore is the Convener of International Association of Coach-Leaders and Mentors. He is also Co-Founder and Director of International Coaching & mentoring Institute (ICMI).