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Recruitment Agency

I nterim Consulting is a BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) compliant management consulting firm established in 1996 with years of human resources, recruitment and management consulting experience.

Proudly South African

Interim Consulting’s Professional Affiliations/Memberships include APSO (Association of Personnel Service Organisations), IPM (Institute of People Management), SAIM (South African Institute for Management), BMF (Black Management Forum) and Proudly South African. The management of Interim Consulting is board member of Services SETA General Business Consulting Chamber, and Bright Star Foundation, amongst others.

Healthcare Agency

A t Interim Healthcare Consulting we pride ourselves in the values of our organisation to ensure maximum Customer Satisfaction.

Without Health life offer few options hence we strive to optimize the healthcare of all our citizens first and also assist with providing a most beneficial service to other countries.

At Interim we provide service to the Healthcare industry in its totality. We take care of your physical Health but also at the same time deliver excellent Emotional Wellbeing.

We have dedicated specialists to assist you or direct you in the right direction.

Before an individual becomes part of Interim Medicals Team they have been thoroughly vetted and trained in how to deliver quality service. All nursing candidates complete Interim’s induction programme.

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