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As a specialist coaching organisation, our coaching interventions unlock potentials, enhance performance and fast-track the attainment of people and organisational success. With coaching experience spanning several decades, our professional coaches work with you to successfully navigate complex and challenging situations, as you remain energised and focused to achieve your desired goals. Our coaching engagements comprise of executive coaching, leadership coaching, organisational coaching, team building and professional coach-training.

Executive Coaching

Every top management executive and leader is confronted with the challenge of adapting to, and thriving in the current era of volatility, unpredictability, complexity and ambiguity (“VUCA”). Our executive coaching engagement supports you to rise above and ride the waves of rapid organisational growth, as well as diverse external and internal environmental threats.

Target Persons

Executive leaders and top management of proactive organisations.

Why Executive Coaching?

A VUCA world is unpredictable, but many smart leaders are now engaging professional and experienced executive coaches to work alongside them because they realise that going it alone is no longer an option. Interim Consulting offers the benefit and advantage of executive coaching in supporting you to remain a high performance and limitless leader in a VUCA World

Value Offerings & Benefits

We know too well how lonely it is at the top. The benefit of you having an experienced coach alongside you to solve problems, lead change, accelerate careers and get your organisation and people to operate optimally is priceless. That advantage is our value offering to you, as you are supported through our executive coaching intervention to deploy winning plans, strategies and operations in order to fast-track the attainment of your most cherished personal and organisational goals as an influential leader.

*Please contact us for a customised executive coaching proposal. 


Leadership Coaching

Our practical leadership coaching programme is beneficial to all leaders and managers within corporate structures, providing tools and strategies to effectively align talents and abilities with the necessities, resources and opportunities in the workplace. The end result is the potential to get more out of people as they achieve tasks faster and better through inspirational leadership rather than coercion, manipulation or intimidation.

Target Persons

The “Next Tier” leaders, including middle managers, team leaders and supervisors.

Why Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching remains the most realistic action learning process for maintaining mastery of self and situations. This is what is needed to stay focused, energised and confident as leaders of people and managers of resources, especially in rapidly changing operating environment. Our time-tested tools and techniques not only offer the best chance to for team leaders in particular to optimise workplace performance and productivity, but also support them to harness and expand people’s fullest potentials. 

Value Offerings & Benefits

Our uniquely designed “REAL” leadership solutions are offered for successful workplace transformation. The “REAL” leader in this regard is guided on how to utilise ‘Respect’; ‘Energy’; ‘Ability’; and ‘Lifestyle’ as the essential currency of inspirational leadership. Our approach thus highlights and adapts leadership innovation to accomplish goals. 

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Business Coaching

Interim Consulting’s business coaching solutions can be applied to businesses of all sizes and types, whether they are performing excellently or struggling. The focus is on unveiling “hidden wealth” within the business by targeting business uniqueness and core values. These are the key elements to build competitive and comparative advantage upon.

Target Persons

Hands-on business leaders, strategists and managers in organisations and every business owner desiring business sustainability and repeatable profits.

Why Business Coaching?

Common knowledge and experience show that business coaching fast-tracks attainment of better results and improved productivity, by aligning business potentials and competencies with realistic and desirable goals. Specifically, our business coaching intervention compels essential business transformation by unlocking business potentials. Our solid business knowledge and experience guarantees this, and ensures that our coaching engagement remains a powerful, but cost-saving relationship. 

Value Offerings & Benefits

We work with you to achieve realistic business goals and targets, as we support you to leverage opportunities for significant return on investment (ROI). Our collaborative efforts in this regard underscore the fact that to reach the top level of achievement in business today, going it all alone is simply not an option for you.

**Do you believe that your business can achieve greater success, if only you can get support in specific areas? Please contact us for a customised business coaching proposal. 


Organisational (Team) Coaching

Every organisation is only as good as its people, and the major difference in performance between two organisations is the level and utilisation of their talents. As a result, we provide workplace team coaching and transformation solutions, which meet capacity-building needs and offer solutions for improve personnel engagement and productivity in the workplace. 

Target Persons

All members of corporate and workplace teams of potentially high performance organisations (HPOs).

Why Organisational (Team) Coaching?

Every potentially successful organisational team is comprised of result-oriented individuals that are sufficiently inspired to make needful contributions. Our practical organisational coaching approach supports self-motivated and goal-driven individuals to improve their performance and produce extraordinary results. This is through inspirational initiatives and improved workplace engagement. The end result is collective responsibility, which ensures that tasks are carried out quicker and better 

Value Offerings & Benefits

Our engagement guarantees increased team cohesiveness, energy and trust levels in the workplace through the effective adaptation of our “5R’s of Corporate Teams Toolkit”.

The five R’s are: Roles, Responsibilities, Rewards, Recognition and Respect. The end goal and essential benefits of our team optimisation solutions are increased team cohesiveness, energy and trust levels in the workplace. There are no better ways to facilitate high performance in organisations.

**Please contact us for a customised transformational organisational team coaching proposal.


Professional Coach-Training

Interim Consulting presents a life-changing Coach-Activator Training and Action-Learning programme for people who wish to become trained as professional coaches and mentors as an additional career or capability. It is also useful for people who wish to use specialised coaching tools and techniques to improve their skills and help others to achieve greater success.

Value Offerings, Outcomes & Benefits

  • Our coach-training programme is of great benefit to business owners, leaders and managers that desire to fast-track bottom line profits amidst challenging circumstances, by harnessing hidden wealth and unlocking growth potentials in their business.
  • The training programme, which offers one of the most practical and affordable short training available within the domain of transformational and performance coaching, provides keys to succeed as a coach, mentor and coach-leader, with powerful coaching models, as well as useful coach practice, exercises and role play sessions.
  • The coach-training programme presents opportunities for capacity-building as a leader and influencer, as you are presented with practical skills and tools to overcome sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs. At the end of the training, you would have been empowered enough as a coach-mentor to support other people to achieve goals.

**Do you believe that you have what it takes to be a coach and mentor to people in your sphere of influence? Please contact us for a coach-training proposal.